About Us

Little Picture Books Entertainment Corporation is a children's book distribution company for the e-book market.

Initially, we will be concentrating our efforts on picture books and will be moving into the chapter book segment in due course. 

The Company will be promoting its books exclusively through schools and pre-schools and the occasional charity. (See School Fund Raising program below).

Purchases can be made without a link to a school. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to distribute unique high-quality books to enthrall children in “A World of Fun, Fact, and Fantasy” ™ 

We shall be concentrating our efforts on the English, French and Spanish languages but will introduce the books in different languages as soon as possible. 


School Fund Raising Program

Our Fundraising Program helps school fund raising organizations raise ongoing, and much needed, funds, by promoting these books to  parents in return for a commission. The program is free and there is no requirement to hold fairs or handle physical books.

Details can be found on the School Fund Raising Page.



North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce        


PTA Association, Parentkind UK:  www.parentkind.org.uk

PTA Fund Raising: Community Inspired: www.pta.co.uk






We welcome any authors who would like to publish through us as well as any other source they currently use. For details on how to get your books published through us please see the Author Page.


Simplified English

As part of our initiatives to bring quality picture and chapter books to children around the world we shall be introducing simplified English versions. From my experience hosting students from around the world as well as raising three children, it is apparent that we “English” make the English language unnecessarily complicated in areas that are easily changed. Initially these versions will focus on removing irregular verbs, unnecessary plural changes and community words. For example instead of saying “slept”, we shall use “sleeped”. Instead of “dwarves” as the plural of dwarf, we shall use “dwarfs” and instead of confusing singular/plural words such as “sheep”, we shall use “sheeps” for the plural. 

Details can be found on the Simplified English Page