School Fund Raising Program

Our goal is to become a premier fundraising partner for schools over the next five years, while helping promote literacy around the world. We intend to do this through our School Fund Raising Program.

The school fund raising program is to enable the fund raising organizations of schools, primarily elementary and pre-school, to raise ongoing and much needed funds by promoting the Company’s books to the school’s parents in return for a commission. The program is free and there is no requirement to hold fairs or handle physical books.

The process is simple:

  1. Click on School Fund Raising Organization (School FRO) Registration Link called Create Account at the bottom of the page.
  2. Register by entering the details required.
  3. A Paypal account is required so we can pay you.                                            If you do not have a Paypal account, please follow the steps to acquire one. You will need your school FRO’s bank account number to set up your Paypal account.
  4. You must enter the Referral Code of your Sponsor. If you have been referred by a Regional Fund Raising Association, use that code. Otherwise use -  littlepicturebooks  
  5. Upon registration you will be given a unique promotion Link and Code (Referral Link and Code).
  6. Promote the website and the books to the parents along with the link and code – Parents will be asked to enter this code when they purchase.
  7. When parents register and buy a book, they will be asked to use this Referral Code .The Code is entered in the View Cart page in the box designated.
  8. Commission levels will usually be 20% of the selling price of the book net of any taxes or discounts. (40% for the first two months after registration).
  9. At the end of each month, a commission representing the total from books purchased by your parents during the month, will be paid to you.
  10. Reports: Get regular reports on your earnings and understand what promotions are working best for you 
  11. There is no end date as long as the School FRO remains registered

Please contact with any questions regarding the School Fund Raising Program.