Authors/Illustrators ("Contributors")

We offer publication services to authors (contributors) based upon the following model which will evolve.

  1. We aim solely to market books through our schools program. This directly targets the parents who will be buying your books for their children. See the School Fund Raising Program for details of how this works.
  2. Books that are offered to us for publication can be published elsewhere but you need to ensure that we have the right to publish. A publishing agreement must be signed before the book will be listed.
  3. We do not edit your book in any way other than to ensure that the content is not offensive. If in doubt we will not publish your book but will let you know why. We aim to promote the social values promulgated in the UN Declaration of Human Rights.
  4. You are responsible for converting your book into an e-book format, appropriate formats for printing on demand, for ensuring that any audio files are attached, and translating into any alternative languages. We will provide names of reliable translators upon request
  5. We do not own copyright. Copyright remains with the authors.
  6. Royalties may vary but we aim to pay authors 95% of net revenue. Net revenue is defined as selling price net of taxes less any sales commission paid to schools, less any other royalties or fees that have to come off gross revenue.
  7. Authors will need to register and royalties will be paid monthly into a Paypal or equivalent account and in a major currency of your request. We aim to have this process automated in Phase 2.
  8. The selling price of the books will be determined by the author and participation in sales “events” or other promotional initiatives will be entirely at the author’s decision.
  9. Marketing within the site will be limited and is not intended to take on the complexity of alternative sites.
  10. Further details of this program will be developed as the site develops.
  11. For further information email
  12. The amount paid out to schools may increase or if one school is particularly active in promoting the books or if additional layers of school fund raising organizations become involved but if they do that will increase the promotional awareness. It is hoped that Payment Processing Fees and Publisher fees will diminish over time and as the number of books increases. Any other fees that are specific to your book are your responsibility.


We welcome suggestions on how to improve this process.