The Soxies!

How often do we put two socks into the wash, but only one returns? Do you know what happens to the other one?

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How often do we put two socks into the wash, but only one returns? Do you know what happens to the other one?

Simon Dorey (Author)

Simon Dorey began his story writing adventure by telling stories to his three children. Over the last twenty years’ time he has written down these stories, revised them , re-revised them and made up a whole lot more. Now he is bringing them to a wider audience and hoping they will be as entertaining for you to read as they were to create. Mr. Dorey loves working with other creative people to produce entertaining picture books full of ‘fun, fact and fantasy.”

As a Chartered Accountant, he has a background in consulting to and working with small companies, some of which have been in the entertainment industry, including the theme park and entertainment ride segments. In addition, in 2008, together with a group of dedicated people, he helped establish an online book publishing company called Shared Books through which his first book, The Soxies, was published.

An avid traveler, Mr. Dorey has lived and worked in a number of countries as well as traveled to many more. Mr. Dorey has played numerous sports, in particular football (soccer), squash, and more recently, cycling, although he is now more of an excellent armchair coach and supporter of his children’s sports teams. He is a member of The Jesters Club, an international organization for promoting racquet sports (especially squash). Educated at Brentwood School, Essex, he has an MA in History and Economics from Keble College, Oxford University, and now lives in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Megan Parker (Illustrator)

Megan works as a Storyboard Artist at DHX Media in Vancouver, BC, Canada where she is involved in pre-production work, including storyboarding, general concept art, colour keys, and character/prop/setting designs. She has a Bachelor of Media Arts in Animation from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver. She enjoys still life painting and was 15 years old when she illustrated The Soxies.

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